Weeklies lets employees provide weekly anonymous feedback without feeling like a choreĀ 


Easily setup recurring questions

Employees get notified whenever these questions are released, they can then easily and anonymously respond

Create questions
View feedback
Track results
Make changes 
Happier employees

See how your employees are really feeling

Why Weeklies

Anonymous feedback is honest feedback

Weeklies makes it easy to gather


Frequently asked questions

How much does Weeklies cost?

Weeklies costs $25 per month for up to 500 employees

How do employees view my questions

When you create your account you will setup a room code. Employees enter this code to view and be notified about your questions

Who gets notified about my questions?

All employees who have entered your room code will receive a notification when a new question is live

Can I try Weeklies for free?

Of course! Weeklies is currently available with a 3 month free trial

Start your free trial today